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Best Gaming Chairs Under and Around $100 in 2021


When a gamer goes shopping, they tend to direct all of their attention towards items that are technically related to their gaming results such as PCs, motherboards and graphics cards; while forgetting about one essential part: the gaming chair.

One may think that because of its significance, a gaming chair will cost an arm and a leg, but that’s not entirely the case. Sure some models are expensive, but you don’t necessarily need to pay that huge amount. In today’s article, we will focus on the affordable products, more specifically the best gaming chairs under $100

Last updated on October 3, 2021 11:58 pm

Best Gaming Chair Under $100

1. Homall Gaming Chair

One of the most commonly seen setbacks in several chairs is the low back. The low back means no place for users to rest their necks, and this is pretty detrimental to their health especially when they have to work for a prolonged period. 

The manufacturer of the Homall Gaming Chair recognized this problem and intended to tackle it, thus they’ve integrated an adjustable high backrest into their product. This type of backrest supports your whole back and neck, thus you’ll always find the greatest comfort sitting on the chair.

Another reason that allows the Homall Gaming Chair to make its way onto the list is the amount of effort Homall’s poured into making their product as convenient for customers to use as possible. One major concern when it comes to gaming chairs is how much it can hold and how stable it’s gonna be. 

If you think about these problems frequently, don’t worry because the maximum weight that this chair can accommodate is 280 lbs, and they come with a five-point base that increases stability by a wide margin. Rubber casters are also employed to minimize the noise created while the chair is being rolled. These casters also play an important role in preventing your chair from scratching the floor surface.

As for functions, the Gaming Chair from Homall features the rocking function with which consumers can rock back and forth on the chair. Besides, it has Class 3 Gas spring underneath the base. We all know how necessary it is to sit at the right height while using your computer, and the Class 3 Gas feature lets you do just that: adjusting the chair’s height without any difficulty. You will never have to think about back and eyes fatigue anymore when you can smoothly monitor the height of your gaming chair.

The whole seat is covered in PU leather. This material is extremely durable, it’s highly wear-resistant. In addition, it’s very friendly and gentle to your skin so you can always be comfortable using this chair. It also comes with a cushion for your lower back and a pillow for the headrest. You’ll always feel relaxed sitting on the Homall Gaming Chair. 

2. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style is another powerful product that we would like to introduce in the category of the best gaming chairs under $100. You may find the chair familiar, and it indeed is because it appears in many Internet cafes. That’s just how widely loved this product is.

This chair from Devoko boasts amazing ergonomic features. Its high curved back provides substantial support for your back, which is undoubtedly important especially if you plan to sit at your computer for a long time. In addition, it’s made with PU leather that’s really soft to the skin, so say goodbye to rough materials against your skin.

 This layer of leather also boosts the chair’s overall durability and flexibility. And let’s not forget the pillows. Devoko has incorporated some pillows that are exclusive to them for more head, spine and lumbar support, so you’ll always be at ease using their Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style. 

Not only comprehensive in the seat design, Devoko is also extremely thoughtful when it comes to the height of their product. We all know how dangerous it is to keep your feet dangling for a while because it will mess with blood circulation, so it’s preferable to keep your feet on the floor throughout the gaming process. Taking this into consideration, the product from Devoko comes with a gas spring pneumatic system that lets you adjust the height of your chair smoothly. 

We want to talk more about this model’s backrest. The supplier has chosen to include a full-length reclining backrest. Basically this type of backrest can be reclined until the users feel like they can stretch comfortably. And once you’ve found the perfect setup, from the height of the chair to the position of the headrest, you can lock this chair at that specific setup and enjoy your games. 

3. OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair

You may have probably known by the name that this product from OFM is manufactured based on the beauty of the seat on a racing car. It is designed in a special way that perfectly combines both comfort and luxury, giving you the best gaming experience that you could possibly ask for from products of the lower price range.

One should not look at the price and start to think that this chair is inferior compared to other models, because that could not be further from the truth. OFM has paid a lot of attention to bringing customers the ultimate comfort by equipping their product with various cool features. 

With lumbar support and built-in headrest, you can be assured that your back, neck and arms will never get tired. The padded arms in combination with the adjustable 4D armrest unlocks the maximum potential regarding comfort. No matter if it is during an intense gaming session or when you take a well-deserved rest, the chair lets you relax and enjoy yourself.

This product comes with a 360-degree swivel, therefore, with just a single chair you can do multiple tasks at once. And don’t be afraid if you think that this feature will make the chair wobble, because that won’t happen. The OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair is extremely stable. 

Furthermore, it has a tilt lock that helps you adjust and keep your chair in the most comfortable posture. Combined with the customizable height of the chair, you will always have a steady and comfortable gaming chair.

A cherry on top is that this chair is remarkably durable. Made with premium leather, it can endure jerking, dragging, swivelling and tilting for years. 

4. Furmax Office Chair

With the term “Office” in its name, the Furmax Office Chair may not come across as a good choice for gaming, but the truth is completely opposite. It can easily take the responsibility of performing as a gaming chair, and it delivers phenomenal results every single time.

This high back chair is made of high quality leather, one that you would not expect from such an affordable product. Not only does it add a touch of finesse to the appearance, but it also enhances the overall comfort of the chair as the leather is really gentle to touch.

Looking at its design, you’ll be even more surprised. The adjustable back seat allows for a broad array of motion, while the adjustable armrest makes sure your hands will never get fatigued. Like other models, this chair’s height can be monitored at ease. Although there’s a small setback with this function as the chair can sometimes sink on its own if you sit for a long time, overall its functionality will still satisfy the vast majority of consumers. 

What sets this product apart is its extraordinary lumbar support. The padding employed is designed to give your lower back as much comfort as possible, taking into consideration the amount of pressure placed upon that body part. What’s more interesting is that all the components of the chair including the lumbar support are all absolutely easy to set up. Assembling this model requires no professional knowledge at all, it’s really a piece of cake.  

Buying Guides

Being aware of which models top the list of the best gaming chairs under $100 is one thing, knowing how to shop for an excellent one is another. Clearly understanding the specific information of some products is useful, but you also need a more general guide to help you navigate through the entire decision making process.

If you’re in the situation where a buying guide is without a doubt necessary, then don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place. In this following section we’re gonna discuss some of the most pivotal elements that you should consider when searching for the best under $100 gaming chair. Read on to discover our suggestions.

1. Size 

The first thing you should prioritize is the size of your ideal chair. And this doesn’t only mean the general amount of space that the product will take up. We’re talking about seat width, back height and the distance from the ground. 

You need to check for this factor immediately when you’re thinking about purchasing a gaming chair because it will vastly determine how much comfort you’ll get. A chair too big or too small is by no means comfortable, and a chair too tall will leave your feet dangling in the air while one too short will leave your legs cramped. Find one that’s your size if you want to reap the best performance.

You may also want to look at the weight of the chair if you’re the type to move it around a lot. This piece of information can be found easily from the product’s specifications, so don’t hesitate to do some research in advance.

2. Adjustability

How adjustable you want your chair to be should be the next question that pops up in your mind. If you only use the chair for a short period then a basic one could suffice but if you’re usually engaged in prolonged gaming sessions, a more adjustable one is a must. This allows you to monitor features like the height of the chair, its headrest and armrest and so forth, to create the most comfortable posture for your chair.

Nevertheless, there are some certain downsides to a more adjustable model. The more adjustable components are present, the harder it may get to set the chair up and the easier it is for these parts to break. You’ll need to be extra careful when it comes to adjustable components on your chair.

3. Price

All the chairs we introduce here are affordable models. Yet we still want to once again remind you of the importance of doing research beforehand. 

Normally the more you pay, the more you get. This means that if you’re willing to spend more, chances are that you’ll get better quality, including the addition of some more features and components. However, whether you really need it is the matter in discussion. If you just want a basic chair and you don’t feel the need for all the fancy adjustable and moving parts, you don’t need to pay the extra amount of money.


1. Do I really need a gaming chair?

Many people claim that they don’t need a gaming chair, and a traditional office chair can do just fine. While this may be true for a certain group, it’s not for the others.

If you only play games for a short time then it’s fine, an office chair is not bad. But if you plan on taking part in intense gaming sessions, you definitely need a gaming chair because it helps you keep the proper posture. Wrong posture can wreak havoc on your health, leading to some certain medical problems like back pain or poor blood circulation. 

While this may seem normal at first as it might pass after a while, but if left unresolved it will only harm you. So our advice is to purchase a gaming chair if your budget allows.

2. What makes gaming chairs different?

Gaming chairs are designed with gaming in mind. Manufacturers know for sure who their target group of customers is and what they expect, so they include all the essential features in their products. 

The main advantage of gaming chairs is that it helps you sustain proper position. While this may seem trivial at first, the more you think about it, the more it makes sense and becomes necessary. 

Besides, some chairs are even equipped with interesting add-ons like built-in audio or console connectivity, all of which are guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience.

3. Will a comfortable gaming chair improve my gaming results?

Yes and no. Yes because sitting in a comfortable chair helps prevent the exhaustion and fatigue accumulating from sitting in the same position for a long time, which in turn allows you to perform better. 

But, your results also depend on other factors like your actual capability and sometimes luck as well. So it’s hard to say that a comfy gaming chair is directly related to your final performance.

4. How long does a gaming chair usually last?

Any gaming chair should be able to last for at least 2 years. From there onwards, it’s really the story of how you use your chair and how you take care of it. Some people are able to maintain their chairs for up to 5 years. If you choose products with great quality and you’re gentle while using it, your chair will last for a long time.

5. Who can use a gaming chair?

Anyone! Just like anyone can play games, anyone can use a gaming chair. Note that besides the standard options, there are some models that are specifically designed for a fixed age range or a fixed group of audience, so make sure to check for them if you’re planning to buy a special one.

Final Thoughts

There’s no denying the truth that finding the best gaming chairs under $100 is not an easy mission. We’ve looked high and low, going to great lengths to gather as much information as possible to compile a list of all the top-selling models as well as the aspects that they excel at. Take a look at the list and learn more about our recommendations:

And this is the end of our article on the best under $100 gaming chairs. I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to keep us updated with the choices that you make. Please look forward to our future performances!

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