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Best Budget Gaming Chairs Under and Around $200  – Best PC Reviews


Perhaps most of us, whether playing games or not, want to own a gaming chair in our room. With outstanding features to help protect your health and an eye-catching design, the gaming chair is gradually proving its attractiveness in the market. However, the cost of a gaming chair is a big problem for us. That’s why Studydroid compiled this list of the best gaming chair under $200.\

Buying Guides

1. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is probably the most important thing to consider when buying the best gaming chair under $200 as it’s the reason most gamers want one in the first place, but what exactly is it? Yes, ergonomics refers to the way in which something is designed based on a set of psychological and physiological principles to best suit the user. The ergonomic gaming chair is an optimized chair around the gamer sitting on it for improved productivity and efficiency. 


The ergonomic gaming chair is a chair that helps you hold proper posture, supports your movements, minimizes back pain and improves your gaming response time. All things important, right? So is there any way to recognize a gaming chair is ergonomically designed? Well, there are some important ergonomics to look out for. Any gaming chair that is declared ergonomic must have, a minimum of:

  • High degree of adjustment. You can configure the seat height, back angle and armrest to better suit your body size. The more adjustments, the better.
  • Lumbar support. The best gaming chairs will have adjustable lumbar support that you can change to match the curvature of your spine. Cheaper chairs will have lumbar pillows that do the job, albeit in a more basic way.
  • The backrest is high, curved with plenty of support on the back and neck.
  • Tilt locking or tension mechanism to lock your backrest tilted in place and suitable for different poses.

There are also other advanced ergonomic features, such as breathable mesh material, responsive movement, 4D handrails (can be adjusted to any size), and more. But they can only be found on expensive, high-end gaming chairs. You may need to make some compromises on these depending on your budget.

2. Materials

Comfort isn’t the only factor to keep in mind when making a decision to buy a gaming chair. The right materials can sometimes make all the difference in creating a quality chair. The following materials are some of the most common materials you’ll find in popular gaming chairs.

  • Leather

Genuine leather, also known as real leather, is a material made from animal cowhide, usually cowhide, through the tanning process. Although many gaming chairs advertise some “leather” material in their construction, it is usually a faux leather material such as PU or PVC leather (see below), not genuine.

  • PU leather

PU leather is a synthetic material consisting of laminated leather – the material left over after the more valuable top grain of “real” leather has been stripped from cowhide – and a polyurethane coating (hence “PU”). 

Regarding other “leather” types, PU is not as durable or breathable as real leather, but it has the advantage of being a more breathable material than PVC.

  • PVC leather

PVC leather is another imitation leather consisting of a base material coated with a mixture of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and additives making it softer and more flexible. PVC leather is a waterproof, flame retardant, and stain resistant material, making it popular for a multitude of commercial applications. 

Those properties also make for a good gaming chair material: stain resistance and water resistance mean less cleaning ability, especially if you’re the type of gamer who likes to enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while playing. (As for fire resistance, hopefully you’ll never have to worry about that, unless you’re doing some really crazy overclocking and set your PC on fire.)

  • Fabric

One of the most common materials found on standard office chairs, fabrics are also used in many types of gaming chairs. Fabric seats are more breathable than leather and its imitators, meaning even less perspiration and more heat retention. The fabric, on the other hand, is less resistant to water and other liquids than leather and its synthetic brethren.

  • Mesh

The mesh is the most breathable material highlighted here, providing a cooling that’s far superior to what a fabric can offer. More difficult to clean than the skin, which often requires a dedicated detergent to remove stains without the risk of damaging the delicate mesh and is generally less durable in the long run, but it holds its own place as a chair material. exceptionally cool and comfortable.

3. Recommended weight & height

Many first time gaming chair buyers forget to consider this, but the most important thing is to buy it on your first purchase. Gaming chairs can be very different weights and recommended heights, and you need to make sure to buy a chair that matches your own weight and height.

The biggest weight gaming chair commonly sold in the market is the ‘big and tall’ gaming chair. The exact numbers vary, but the heaviest seats can withstand a weight of more than 500 lbs. If you are unsure, check your recommended weight and height capabilities with the seller prior to delivery to make sure you are within the correct range for the best gaming chair under $200.

Best gaming chair under $200 reviews

1. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair, racing style, is an excellent entry-level gaming chair with a sleek, basic ergonomic design and fine adjustment and comfort features and support. for longer sessions. While it lacks certain features you’ll find in more premium seats (eg: armrest with adjustable cushioning, wider seat soles), it’s a good choice if you’re in the market. Look for a budget friendly chair that can be used for gaming or more generally a high chair – office chair or home theater.

Like most gaming chairs in this best gaming chair under $200 review, Devoko gaming chairs are made from breathable imitation leather. This is a leather based on polyurethane (PU), which is a more popular and affordable synthetic alternative to real leather. 

PU leather is easy to clean and usually retains good color over time. It lacks the softness and character of real leather, but for racing style gaming chairs it is a material of choice. You get a nice clean and modern look with this material. Devoka chairs offer two styling options with this material. You can get red and black or white and black color combinations.

Many users appreciate the lumbar cushion, as it allows for a comfortable posture with direct support on the lumbar part of the waist. But if you prefer a more neutral position or if the lumbar cushion (not so soft) gets in the way and you need extra depth of the seat, we recommend removing it. 

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair also comes with an adjustable and removable neck pillow. Pillows are bent to support the neck from side to side. We really appreciate this feature in a gaming chair. However, like the lumbar cushion, you can remove the neck support cushion if it’s in your way.

2. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style 

When you spend hours each day working or playing games, it’s important to have an ergonomic chair that provides comfort and prevents back problems. Homall is a brand that offers affordable and comfortable chairs for all uses, and gaming is no exception. While they’re not the highest quality gaming chairs out there, the Homall chairs do the job and offer great comfort on a budget.

Known as the S-Racer, this PU leather Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style is Homall’s best-selling product on Amazon. Ergonomic design will keep you gaming for hours. Headrests and lumbar support, combined with molded foam, help the chair adapt to your shape and accommodate your body’s natural alignment. 

The high back extends to 22.5 inches and the saddle extends to 19.8 inches. The seat adjusts to suit the player’s height, from 17.3 to 21.5 inches. The chair itself weighs about 40 pounds but can withstand up to 300 pounds. The tilt lock mechanism allows you to adjust the seat from 90 to 180 degrees. 

The Homall Gaming Chair Racing Style is named after the design Homall used to create the chair. The auto racing seat fits the rider’s body. They evenly distribute weight, and Homall has used the same idea on their gaming chairs. Ergonomic design and even weight distribution help players spend hours in front of the computer.

3. YOURLITEAMZ Video Gaming Chair Racing Office

If you have decided to invest in YOURLITEAMZ Gaming Chair, then YOURLITEAMZ Video Gaming Chair Racing Office is your choice. We are sure you will enjoy it. If you love doing all sorts of things well, then the YOURLITEAMZ Gaming Chair with legroom will be your best friend. 

If you choose YOURLITEAMZ Gaming Chair with this legroom, then you don’t need to put more effort into finding an ideal Gaming Chair and don’t have to waste time searching for other compatible Gaming Chairs.

Made of only the very best materials, this best gaming chair under $200 is very supportive and comfortable. Ergonomic design and covered in high-quality PU leather, YOURLITEAMZ Video Racing Office Gaming Chair includes a thicker foam cushion for added comfort. So even if you want to play your favorite games for hours in a row, you won’t get hurt or ache.

In terms of adjustments you can make to YOURLITEAMZ Video Gaming Chair Racing Office, you can customize the seat height, reclining angle from 90 to 150 degrees, leg room and 360 degree rotation. YOURLITEAMZ video game racing room has a maximum weight of 330 pounds.

4. OHAHO Gaming Chair Racing Style

This OHAHO Gaming Chair Racing Style office chair is a heavy duty chair made from good quality PU leather and has a weight of 300 pounds, which speaks to its great stable metal frame. Lumbar support is one of the most important factors that many people seriously consider whenever they buy a swivel chair. The OHAHO gaming chair solves this problem by including a lumbar cushion, which allows the spine to retain its natural position when seated. 

The lumbar cushion is removable, so you can also choose to remove it if it doesn’t go your way. The lumbar massage function on this PU leather high back chair is enabled by plugging its USB cord into one port and when you recline and rest your head on the headrest you will enjoy the vibrating massage when continuing with your work or playing games. If you want a more intense massage treatment, check out the Shiatsu Massage Office Chair.

The addition of legroom is something you won’t see on most high-back ergonomic computer chairs, (including Homcom Office Chairs), so this puts the OHAHO Gaming Chair Racing Style apart from lots of other options in its price range. The retractable legroom adds a lot of comfort to the PU leather high-back work chair, and together with its well-padded seats make the chair a dream to sit on.

5. Bonzy Home Gaming Chair Office Chair

Last but not least is the pale pink and white Bonzy Home Gaming Chair Office Chair, with additional cushioning on the armrests for maximum comfort. These armrests are not only more comfortable than your traditional gaming chair but also adjustable so you can achieve the best posture for back support. 

Speaking of comfort, headrests and lumbar pillows in this best gaming chair under $200 also help with this task. The wheels are so smooth and silent that they have successfully tested over 1000 miles, ensuring that your chair will remain quiet and useful over time.

Adjust your backrest to the desired level by quickly pulling on a lever. The tilt angle is adjustable from 90 to 170 degrees of recline. Metal base, 360 degree swivel, durable and designed for long use. What’s more, the one-year warranty gives you peace of mind about any errors you might encounter! 

With so many customers satisfied with the comfort of the onzy Home Gaming Chair Office Chair, we think it’s a great option for anyone who wants to stay comfortable while gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the best gaming chair under $200 bad for your back?

Perhaps by now it’s clear that gaming chairs are good for your back. They are the perfect solution for a lot of sitting problems. Whether you work for a few hours or longer, a gaming chair helps support your back and straighten your posture. An advantage of a gaming chair is it makes you feel more energetic by strengthening your core muscles.

2. How long can I sit on a gaming chair?

If you sit with your back reclined, hold it for less than 10 minutes. For a regular upright computer, most experts recommend a default tilt of 100 degrees. From there, the chair can recline or lean forward in the range of 90-130 degrees.

3. Are gaming chairs good for the office?

Gaming chairs often trade the subtle design of an office chair for bright colors, racing stripes and an eye-catching overall look. They may not have as much adjustment or cushioning as high-end office chairs, but most gaming chairs should still be relatively comfortable.

4. Should I buy a gaming chair or office chair?

At a lower budget, the pound-for-pound gaming chair is a bit more ergonomic than the budget office chair. Even a cheap gaming chair comes with the basics of a good working chair, such as a lumbar pillow, a solid backrest, a 2D or 3D backrest, and armrests.

5. Can the best Gaming Chairs Under $200 help with back pain?

The gaming chair allows users to sit in a neutral position while allowing the body to move. Using a gaming chair can improve your posture, relieve back pain, and boost energy levels. The high backrest and supportive pillows keep the spine in line.

Final Thoughts

Investing in a gaming chair will greatly improve your health. An ergonomic gaming chair has been shown to help relieve back pain, as well as muscle aches. In addition, the design of the gaming chairs is really eye-catching and attractive. So what are you waiting for without checking out the best gaming chair under $200 of Studydroid?

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