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The Best Gaming Desks Under $100 in 2021


A desk is the place for you to work. The most notable difference between how you use a laptop and a desktop computer is the desk. The desk is where you can rest your hands, put your mouse and extended full-sized keyboard, to draw things on a sheet of paper with your pencil. All these things can be done on the desk. In this article, we’ll introduce the best gaming desk under $100, and how you can choose the best one that suits you.

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Buying Guides

1. The shape of the desk

The shape of the desk is the first thing to consider when buying a new one. The shape decides how you’re gonna play or work on the desk, how you put your legs around and how you connect the power cords through the desk. Here is the most popular shapes for the desk:

  • Single desk: Desks designed to be used for one single computer with limited room and space for other activities. This kind of desk is usually for small rooms and single-room apartments.
  • L-shaped desks: This is the most convenient desk when it features two parts of the single desk type to form an L shape. This is designed for people who want to use two monitors at the same time and don’t want to move a lot to reach both monitors. It is designed for you to only have to rotate yourself a 90-degree angle to reach the second monitor
  • K-frame desk: K-frame features two legs that look like the K letter. This type of legs is probably the most sturdy and durable
  • Z-frame desk: Z-frame looks cool in every way; however, in some special cases, your computer might not fit.

Firstly, you need to know how many monitors you want to use, and then, secondly, you need to think of the design you want for your gaming room.

2. The size of the table

Good desks should not be too big and not be too small. It should get along well with the room around it. The brands know about the two, and here is the list of the best gaming desk under $100 sizes:

  • 40 inches: The small type, features enough space for your monitor and your phone or maybe your cup of coffee
  • 48 inches: Designed for you to be able to even put a notebook or a canvas, a wacom tablet to draw something. It is the perfect size for a single person.
  • 55 inches: Designed for people who need lots of space and have a large room

3. The material that makes the desk

The desks are usually made out of wood for the desktop part and steel for the leg parts. However, some brands might think of something else. Take a look at this section for the advantages and disadvantages of the materials:

  • Wood: Wood is non electricity conductive; therefore, it is safer to use with electricity. However, wood tabletop is heavy
  • Steel: Steel is electricity conductive and heavy. However, steel legs or tabletop support work very well when it’s not easily broken.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is not as hard as steel, but it is significantly lighter. That’s why it’s the favorite of many people. Remember to check out that kind of table too.
  • Plastic desks are light, pretty sturdy, cheap, but hard to clean and easily get dirty.
  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is tough and lightweight but more expensive than others 

4. Additional features

Some of the best gaming desk under $100 come with additional features in the purpose of making it convenient for you, some of which are:

  • Cup holder: Useful when you’re a coffee lover and don’t want to spill it all over your keyboard or your headphones. Cup holders are often designed to be large for any kind of cups
  • Wireless charging: When you can just put your phone on the table and it charges. It is the coolest thing ever. The desks with this feature are much more expensive than the others, but it is totally worth it.
  • Free monitor stand: most brands offer a free monitor stand for your computer screen. It works perfectly with the desk and fits in design.
  • Headphone hook: Used to put your headphones and organize it.


The best gaming desks under $100 reviews in 2021

1. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8″ Computer Corner Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.8″ Computer Corner Desk is an L-shaped desk made out of MDF board and metal frame, powder-coated steel to be exact for durability. It forms a full L shape which makes the most of your space, easy to fit snugly in a corner to maximize your limited room or apartment space. 

The bar width is respectively 1.2 inches and 0.6 inches, which is strong enough to support the force on the tabletop. A 50.8” double desktop design is offered, with the K shape or X shape legs with adjustable leveling foot pads. The brand did make the installation process easy for all of you. 

They have included quite clear and detailed instructions, numbered parts, and all necessary tools in the package. Made of the textured surface, the modern desk is anti-skidding, anti-scratch, and easy cleaning. Finally, when you buy this desk, you’ll get a free monitor stand.

  • L-shaped
  • Black mDF board + powder-coated steel frame.
  • 50.8” double desktop design
  • Adjustable leveling foot pads
  • Anti-scratch, anti-skidding
  • Free monitor stand.

2. DESINO Gaming Desk 40 inch PC Computer Desk

DESINO Gaming Desk 40 inch PC Computer Desk is a gaming desk made out of carbon fiber, for the lightweightness and durability. It only features one color with 3 sizes: 40 inches, 47 inches, and 55 inches. 

The DESINO design helps the players feel the game as much as possible, to experience the game like a real life situation. The ergonomic modeling is made for the convenience of the player’s various operations, carbon fiber surface maximizes gaming style. 

The style is Z-frame, and it can handle the maximum load of 250pounds (or 112.5kg). It comes with an additional monitor stand, a cup holder, a headphone hook, and with the easy assembling manual, it is easier than ever to set up and make use of your DESINO gaming desk. 

  • Z frame
  • Carbon fiber
  • 250lbs – 112.5kg
  • Cup holder, headphone hook, and monitor stand

3. Foxemart 47 Inch Computer Table Sturdy Office Desk

As the name suggests, Foxemart 47 Inch Computer Table Sturdy Office Desk is a 47-inch desk made to be sturdy for the office and computers. The desk offers you a unique design with rectangular legs and rectangular tabletop. 

The unique color matching would give your room a modern look, well fit with a wide range of other devices. The legs are adjustable with the adjustable leg pads, along with the extra fixed steel brackets and the triangular junctions for the best durability even on non-flat floor. 

The 47-inch tabletop is wide enough to provide room for your monitor, your computer, your sketch or even your printer, which would be very handy if you’re an office man and a gamer at the same time. Finally, the desk comes with a 24-month warranty program, and a lifetime customer support. If you had any problem with the desk, all you would need to do is call Foxemart customer support hotline.

  • Unique and cool design
  • 47-inch
  • Adjustable leg pads, extra fixed steel brackets and triangular junction
  • 24 months of warranty + lifetime customer support


1. Can I customize my desk?

Yes, if you know your way with wood or steel, or engineering in general, you can do that. A few suggestions for customizing include repainting, reshaping, or adding gadgets. However, keep in mind that you might lose your warranty period if you touch too much.

2. How do I set up the desk after I get it?

The desk might come assembled or unassembled. There should be the delivery man who can also handle the assembling part; but if there aren’t, you have to read the manual yourself and assemble your desk with your tools. The tools you need would be a screwdriver, some extra screws, and some glue.

3. What about the warranty?

The desks aren’t easy to be broken; therefore, the brands are generous enough to give you at least 1 year and most of the time two years of warranty policy. They also offer you free lifetime customer support, by just calling the hotline of the company. To keep your desk from breaking, ensure that you don’t put lots of loads on it and don’t spill water everyday.

4. Is my desk waterproof?

That highly depends on the material that made the desk, especially the tabletop. If it’s steel, then no water at all can even touch the desk. If it’s made of wood, then you need to be careful, because if you spill water over your wooden table everyday, it will soon lose its integrity and collapse on itself.

The desk can also be rusty over time because of the metal coming in contact with water and oxygen. Therefore, ensure that you use your desk in a dry room with your windows open regularly.

5. What are some cool gadgets that I can get for my desk?

When it comes to gadgets, we have got a list for you:

  • A wireless charging station: To charge your phone wirelessly instantly at the moment you put your phone down on the table. It would require some engineering if it’s not available out of the box but it’s definitely worth the time
  • Skin: changing the skin of the desk to fit your and your room’s styles.
  • Pencil box: it doesn’t need explanation
  • Cooling fans for your desk.

Final Thoughts

When you have bought a desktop computer, the desk is essential. A good desk would make your life easier, for it supports lots of features, from large space, to the monitor stand or the cup holder or even wireless charger. We have talked about the best gaming desk under $100, and we are now going to give out the final picks of ours.

That has been our article about the best gaming desk under $100. Thank you for reading our article and please remember to check out other articles as well; we’ve got plenty of them. One last thing about buying the desk is that you should consider the specifications very carefully to buy the desk designed for you. Thank you!.

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