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Best Gaming Desks Under $200 – Reviews, FAQs, and Guide


If you are a gamer or simply someone who likes to play games and often spends a lot of hours playing games, you will definitely want to buy yourself a modern gaming table. It will be a lack if you have spent money to invest in a huge computer system with high speed and forget about gaming tables with modern and genuine design. Not to mention that playing games on an old and rickety table will decrease your gaming experience.

The current gaming tables are segmented into many different prices. There are more than 500 dollars, others only a few tens of dollars. However, in our opinion to ensure prestige and good quality, as well as suit your budget, the best gaming desk under $200, will be a perfect choice.

Last updated on October 13, 2021 2:40 pm

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Unlike the office set-up that often prioritizes simplicity and synchronization, the game corner space, the homework corner can be more disruptive in design to suit the preferences and space of the house. room. Therefore, the models of gaming tables, desks are also more diverse including styles, sizes, colors, materials. 

In particular, gaming table models are often designed extremely stylish, pitiful, with the highlight of the striking multi-color led system. If you are new to this field and want to find the best gaming desk under $ 200 then don’t worry, we will help you.

1. Size & Space

If the table is too big, there will be a lot of redundant space, causing a feeling of emptiness, besides taking up the area, making no room for other objects. If it is too small, it will cause a feeling of cramped, making it difficult to manipulate when playing games. 

A gaming table is not like a dining table or a reception desk. It should be just enough for one person to sit comfortably. If you have a huge computer system and equipped with lots of furniture, an L-shaped Corner Desk like the L Shaped Corner Desk will be the right choice. If you only need a gaming desk to fit your small room, we recommend the Gaming Desk, SIMBR.

2. Material

  • Wooden countertops: Wooden countertops are made from 2 main materials, natural wood or industrial wood with a close feeling, harmonious and solid color. However, natural wooden countertops will have a higher price than industrial wooden countertops. The pure natural wood surface is usually made from pure rubberwood, virgin pine, natural wood with very high durability and is used with certainty. Z gaming keyboard model suitable for all interior décor. Looking at any angle, it also exudes a youthful and luxurious look in your small corner. Karcog Computer Desk, for example.
  • Tempered glass table: The tempered glass countertops are the most beautiful of the Z-keyboard products, with a sophisticated modern design and a great combination of metal and glass. There are 2 main colors: white and black, in addition, customers can design blue, yellow … arbitrary colors. Normally, with the Z-shaped glass table surface, the glass is made of tempered glass that can withstand the force very well, avoiding the case of a strong impact, the glass will be broken. Z-keyboard made of glass will bring elegance and youthfulness dynamism. Especially, gamers always choose a table with a tempered glass table like Glass Computer Desk to show their coolest and most stylish gaming angle, the table will create comfort and airy for the throne. home.

3. Additional Features

Normally a game table will only have a table surface and sometimes have a keyboard compartment. But for those who don’t like having too many things on their desks, a computer with a CPU compartment and keyboard compartment will be much better. 

In addition, there are many models of gaming tables that also include a book or object drawer. However, it usually only appears on L-shaped gaming tables. For example, the Bustier Small L-Shaped Desk.

4. Design 

In addition to the material, the design is also something that many people are interested in when choosing a gaming table. Most gamers will prefer Z gaming desks that are compact enough to house a gaming rig. There is also an X-shaped design desk that is also very solid and modern. 

However, for those who have a “giant” game console consisting of many machines and equipment and more than two screens, they will love L-shaped tables like the Extra Large L Shaped Desk.

5. Your budget

You will find that there is a range of different prices you can invest to buy a gaming table. The options we’re talking about start under $ 100 and go up to almost $ 200. In fact, you can spend more if you want to, but we want to keep our recommendations affordable and affordable for the casual computer player.

Consider your needs for a gaming console. There are plenty of affordable gaming tables with all the features you need. For example, Extra Large L Shaped Desk L.


Best gaming desks under $200 reviews in 2021

1. Gaming Desk, SIMBR

The Gaming Desk, SIMBR gaming table is designed to enjoy the games you love without being limited by space. The ultra-large polished carbon fiber tabletop provides ample space for all your beloved gaming gear. Constructed of a high-quality MDF board and durable metal chassis legs, this gaming table can carry a weight of up to 176 lbs. Modern K-shaped stable foot design provides more support and ensures stability and durability. The adjustable table legs ensure the table retains the structure firmly even on the ground.

Designed to deliver a great gaming experience with a modern, elegant and classy look, it provides comfortable gaming and works environment.

2. L Shaped Corner Desk

This table is designed to be versatile and durable. The frame is made of high quality steel. There’s a rear bracket and X-bar for sturdy reinforcement, making it stable enough. Especially, this table has a separate compartment underneath for you to place the CPU. Make your tabletop space more spacious. 

The design is simple and functional so it can be used as corner desk, computer desk, gaming desk, writing desk, home office desk. L Shaped Corner Desk has a monitor stand that can lift your monitor to a suitable position, creating a good sitting posture that can help you reduce eye strain and back pain when working or playing games for long hours, enhancing job performance.

3. Karcog Computer Desk

This desk has a profiled design that allows this gaming table to fit in the perfect angle to maximize your confined space. The Karcog computer desk is great for small apartments or homes that need a space-saving desk. Constructed with a thick metal frame and highlighted by 3 more sturdy X-frame metal brackets for excellent stability and durability. Besides, you will not have to worry about cleaning your gaming table because it has a smooth surface, made of water-resistant, scratch-resistant material that helps protect your desktop from everyday wear.

Besides this desk has a 2-storey shelf that provides extra space for conveniently storing your books, office accessories, and the bottom shelf high enough to store your PC tower. Lots of leg room to rest.

4. Glass Computer Desk

A candidate for the competition “best gaming desk under $200“. This glass desk with solid carbon steel, X-frame gives you a stable viewing experience. Very sturdy computer desk designed in sharp architecture to support all the essential items in your office, very stable and safe. And it also looks very aesthetically pleasing and luxurious.

The Glass Computer Desk glass is thick tempered glass, with a scratch-resistant, anti-collision and waterproof design, which helps to protect the surface of the home office desk from everyday wear and is very easy to clean. If you are a gamer and want to own a table that looks luxurious and modern, this model definitely cannot be missed.

5. Extra Large L Shaped

This is a table for professional gamers, streamer with bulky machinery as it can carry a maximum load of 220 lbs. Also it can support dual monitors, laptops and books on it.

The elegantly designed Extra Large L Shaped Desk can be installed with longer panels placed on either side to suit different work habits. It can maximize the ability to work, play games and read books every day. Adjustable foot pads are also included to keep the desk stable even on uneven floors.



1. Does the shape of the desk change the way gaming desks function?

The shape of the gaming desk is not of paramount importance, but the shape of the console is somewhat important to the space usage in your setup. In essence, the configuration does not affect the gaming environment, it only spends more space to accommodate other devices such as adding screens, speakers, lights. The table is so small it will make your gaming experience less cramped. You should buy tables like the Extra Large L Shaped Desk to have more space.

2. Should I buy a glass desk?

This depends on you! A glass desk may look elegant, but gamers should avoid buying a glass table if they have other suitable options. Glass desks are easier to clean and look more luxurious, and are also at risk of cracking under heavy loads. However, there are good load-bearing glass desks, such as the Tempered Glass L Shape Corner Desk.

3. How much time is required to assemble a gaming desk?

Most of today’s gaming tables require buyers to assemble them themselves. Today’s gaming tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but modern gaming tables are often easy to assemble. 

For most uncomplicated desks these days, it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to assemble. If you are worried then you can choose a desk like the Bossin Gaming Desk. You just need to takes only up to 20 minutes to assemble this  gaming desk.

4. Is a gaming desk necessary?

Not like gaming chairs. Gaming desk probably won’t be essential if you’re not a pro gamer. You can completely use the normal desk to enjoy gaming hours. While not important, they are well worth the investment. They add to your comfort level and help you maintain a good posture. 

In addition, these help keep things neat and tidy, helping you to be more productive. And if you have a massive computer system, you should also consider conflicting desk like the Reversible L Shaped Computer Desk

5. What is the perfect height for a gaming desk?

We were unable to come up with a specific answer as the ideal height is up to the user. However, a 28- to 30-inch high gaming table is perfect for most users. Because that’s the standard height. Or simply you can buy some types of tables with height adjustment such as Vitesse 63 inch Gaming Desk.

Final Thoughts

The needs of users in the past often found and selected complex, multi-angular, multi-detailed, multi-compartment gaming tables. But nowadays, the trend of choosing is the opposite, people prefer the simpler the table, the more they like it. Simple table shapes such as square tables, rectangular tables with flat designs, or L-shaped tables can save space. 

In addition, customers often choose table models that are not too expensive but with relatively good quality. Above we have provided you with some information and some of the best gaming desk under $200. Now we would like to summarize with a list so you can easily choose for yourself the best gaming desk under $200.


That’s all we’d like to present to you the best gaming desks under $200. I hope that after this article, you will buy a perfect gaming desk and have a great experience. If you like any desk, don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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