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Best L-Shaped Gaming Desks: Reviews & Buying Guide


In the past, gamers often only focused on a computer with a “huge” configuration, but the gaming angle was not invested and focused. They often invest money in the configuration such as the best CPU, VGA, how to play the game smoothly. Now, the gaming desktop is also one of the goals that gamers pay more attention to. Even gamers spend more time taking care of their gaming corner than playing games, in order to win prizes in “Nice Game Corner” competitions.

If you’re looking for a sturdy, spacious desk for gaming, don’t miss the L-shaped desktops that offer a number of advantages for gamers, including space for two monitors and These tables can fit corners more easily. The best L-shaped gaming desks increase your gaming experience while increasing your comfort. So what are you waiting for without buying yourself the best L shaped gaming desks?

Buying Guides

Owning a spacious, comfortable, well-designed home gaming corner is the dream of many gamers. And the best L shaped gaming desk will help you make that dream come true. 

The difference of the home gaming table is its more distinctive design than the conventional desktops. It is more design and width-oriented, has an extra display shelf, CPU shelf, an area for the sound system, and some accessories to support gamers. 

If you already have a passion for the game, then surely you also want to own a professional gaming corner, right? Then, please consult this buying guide right away!

1. Size and Space

This table is also the furniture. And before buying any piece of furniture measure your space before buying. There’s nothing worse than spending an hour assembling a piece of furniture to find it doesn’t fit your room. Most computer desks will occupy about 5 feet on the wall or in the middle of the room.

The L-shaped table will take up more space because it is not going in one direction but in two directions. Consider sorting the furniture and also allow space for assembly before unboxing the materials. It is best to assemble on tile or carpet to avoid scratching softer surfaces. 

If your room is spacious and you need a lot of things on the table, the GreenForest L Shaped Desk will be for you. If your space is smaller and your computer system is not too bulky, the Walker Edison Ellis Modern is also a good choice.

2. Storage

Most current L-gaming desks offer a flat surface with very little storage. Most decks don’t even offer a pull-out keyboard tray anymore, which will make some people very uncomfortable as they think compartments will be essential. Decide before you buy a desk that you plan to keep on your desk, so you know how much storage space you need.

Many people will prefer to keep bulky machines under their desks rather than on top. So machines like the Homfio L Shaped Desk will be the best L-shaped gaming desk they need.


3. Material

Most of today’s desks are made of bearing plywood. Note to you, this is not a plank that can fall and crumble as we have seen in inexpensive furniture. They won’t last as long as solid wood, however, but the wood doesn’t give it a much more modern look and is much more expensive. Or you can choose glass tables like the Walker Edison Ellis Modern. With a luxurious and modern look, it will be suitable for those who like sophistication and lightness.

However, you should still make sure that the color of your desk coordinates with the other furniture in your room.

4. Be easy To Assemble

Whenever you buy an L-shaped gaming desk, check out its reviews on the internet if it’s easy to assemble because nobody wants to struggle and take too much time. to assemble the complete table. You should choose tables that are easy to assemble, the weight is not too heavy and less detailed like Organized Computer Desk.

5. Your budget

For L-shaped gaming desks, the price difference between products is not too much. Average from $100 to $300. You can find the best L shaped gaming desk for over $100, for example, the GreenForest L Shaped Desk. This table is quite cheap but has plenty of storage space and will be perfect for you to use for professional gaming tournaments.


Best L shaped gaming desks reviews in 2021

1. GreenForest L Shaped Desk 

If you are looking for a desk to start your career as a gamer, nothing is more appropriate than this GreenForest L Shaped Desk. This desk features a spacious desktop L design that can hold 3 monitors/computers. The desk also features four thick “X” pins that provide solid support for the desktop and also provide more setup possibilities.

In addition to that it has a detachable corner control panel, this l-shaped desk can be split into two different computer desks. And it is completely possible to join together by pairing 2 tables to form the letter L together, you can also form a U-shaped desk for more space.

In addition, the shelf can be installed on any position of the desktop, providing more space to place your books and pencil jars. The CPU stand will provide a secure home to the host computer of your computer and ensure greater stability.

2. Homfio L Shaped Desk

This is also a desk that will bring many conveniences and desk space for you. Homfio L Shaped Desk Computer can provide large space to place 2-3 screens or screens. There’s a CPU holder underneath if you don’t like to put them on the tabletop. Two shelves can hold books, office supplies and you can keep essentials within reach. This desk can help you maximize your productivity and reading.

Besides this table also has eco-friendly MDF board, which is not only waterproof, scratch-resistant, more importantly, it is safe for the health of your family and pets, making you feel comfortable. This table is extremely suitable for activities with a long time use for gaming, writing, home and office. Besides, it is also very easy to protect, as you can wipe the dirt off the table with just a damp cloth.

3. Walker Edison Ellis

If you’re looking for a small desk to match your workspace, don’t miss out on Walker Edison Ellis. Despite its compact design, the two sides support up to 50 Ibs. Each, the top corner surface supports up to 20 Ibs and the keyboard tray supports up to 10 Ibs. 

Table top is made of tempered safety glass. So you are completely free to use it without fear of any problems. Combine 2 tables to accommodate multiple screens and create the optimal gaming space.

4. Organized Computer Desk

This gaming table features an L-shaped corner design that makes the most of your space. You can place it in the corner of the wall to maximize your limited space. Besides, the installation of this table is also very easy because this table has only two parts. They are the table top and the base.

Organized computer desk has a carbon fiber surface, the gaming desk is scratch resistant and easy to clean. Compared with conventional MDF, this gaming table is resistant to moisture and scratches, a modern look that brings life to your home.

5. Tribesigns 3 Piece K-Frame L-Shaped Desk

This is a reversible L-shaped computer desk. The body is a unique K-frame with a modern-style table top for a captivating display. In addition, this table also has a built-in bookshelf below, making your work easier and more convenient. Tribesigns is an L-shaped desk with 3 pieces, three assembly ways, the table can be separated into two tables, can be used individually or combined into a two-person desk, very practical and convenient. for your limited office.



1. Why is the L-shaped desk most recommended for gaming purposes? 

There’s no specific reason why an L-shaped desk is better for gaming. But the l-shaped desk does have some advantages for good gaming or for professional enemy games. First, the L-shaped keyboard is very spacious. Since the L-shaped keyboard is twice as large as a regular table and has a wide angle, it is great for a large table and a bulky CPU. 

Second L-shaped desk saves you space. Although twice as wide as a normal desk, it’s because it can fit snugly in the corner of your home. So even if you have a “huge” computer, you can rest assured that everything will be tidy than an L-shaped desk. For example, the Foxemart L-Shaped Computer Desk.


2. Is an L-shaped desk more challenging to assemble than other desks?

An L-shaped desk can be more difficult to assemble than others because it is primarily a three-piece construction. However, this is not always the case. On the market today there are only two-piece L-keyboards that are very easy to assemble like Organized Computer. This table easily fits into one corner to maximize your limited space savings.


3. Should I go for a U-shaped desk or an L-shaped desk?

The U-shaped desk gives you more storage space than an L-shaped desk. If you are looking for a larger desk or a desk for two, then you can choose a desk. U-shaped tables. You can even combine two L-shaped tables to create a more spacious U-shaped table than other U-shaped tables. However, such tables will take up quite an area. Please consider carefully before buying. If your space is narrow and you only need a desk to place your computer, one like the DESIGNA 60 ” L Shaped Desk will suffice.

4. Will I be able to assemble my L-shaped desk alone?

Transporting a table will be difficult as it is often quite large and cumbersome. So manufacturers often separate the parts of the table for easy transport. 

Today, almost all brands provide manuals with essential tools along with a desk to fit into a comfortable desk like the HSH L Shaped Computer Desk. So rest assured that you can completely assemble this table by yourself. If you find it difficult to do things on your own, you can ask someone for help.

5. Which material is the easiest to clean?

Whatever the material, the tables today are quite smooth and easy to clean. However, if you want to maximize the cleanliness and hygiene of your desk, then the glass is the easiest glass to clean and does not leak, streak or form puddles causing marks on the surface. You can refer to the Walker Edison Ellis Modern. Of course, it’s also more fragile. Consider placing a computer mat on top for protection.


Final Thoughts

L-shaped tables are always the best gadgets for gaming. Almost gamer or streamer owns an L-shaped desk. Above we have provided you with some information and options to help you with the best L-shaped gaming desk. If you still can’t decide what type of table to choose, we will give you a list where you can choose the best L shaped gaming desk for you.

That’s all we’d like to present to you the best L shaped gaming desk. I hope that after this article you will buy a satisfied desk and have a great experience. If you like any table, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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